Creative businesses, at their best, inspire connection - to people, ideas, and emotions. It's our goal to help you connect with your ideal clients so that you can inspire the connection you want to make, and in the end, reach greater success both financially and creatively.

Obviously, photography is a single variable in the equation, but we will refrain from ever trying to be a full-service branding agency. Photography is a powerful asset, one that is often overlooked, and it deserves special attention to ensure its effectiveness and continuity with your overall brand. Specializing allows us to develop true expertise in both the art of photography and the unique marketing and branding struggles that creative businesses face. With this expertise, we are able to be the most effective solution for your creative business's photography needs.

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My name is Ben Michael (he/him) and I'm the Principal, Creative Director, and Lead Photographer at Paraphrase. My work lies at the intersection of image-making and brand messaging - translating the language of a creative business's brand, positioning, and persona into meaningful and effective photography. 

Every portrait that's taken communicates just as much about the person in front of the lens as the person behind it - the photographer's subjective view inherently stains the image. I believe you can see in all of my work how sincerely I admire all of my subjects.

When I was young, first through music, I became intimately acquainted with how deeply creatives influence the way that we experience the world and each other. I started Paraphrase as an opportunity to empower and support creative people in influencing our world.


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