that effectively position your brand.


We create unique, iconic, and articulate



we can do to optimize your marketing, advertising and branding.

Environmental and Lifestyle Portraiture: Offers the most opportunity for creativity, context, and story.

Headshots: Focuses intimately on personality. 


Team Photos: Allows you to communicate culture.

Types of Usage: Website, Print & Digital Advertisements, Social Media Content, Print Marketing Materials, Press, etc.


Branding Photography for Evan Mills
Branding Photography for Dennis Thompson


is our ideal client? / are our services for?

has developed creative expertise that has yielded them some success (i.e. is damn good at what they do), but either wants to continue to grow or work on more exciting and fulfilling jobs.


is working to become a leader in their industry.

understands the significant role that their brand plays in attracting and acquiring new business with their ideal clients.

runs a small (1-20 person) creative business in one of the following industries:




Our ideal client


Advertising, Marketing, and Branding


Consulting, Coaching, and Education

Fashion Design

Film, TV, Video, and Photography

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Music, Performing, and Visual Arts




we help you win more business with better clients.



First, we'll arrange a time to speak briefly about your business and the project you have in mind to determine if our relationship is an appropriate fit. Assuming it is, we'll further discuss your marketing goals and how we can best help you meet them. Following our conversation, you’ll receive a proposal that formally outlines a few ways that we can work together and you can decide on the best investment for you.



We'll facilitate a meeting to discover various insights about your business, brand, and ideal clients and begin to explore how they can inform your photography. This part of the process is all about gaining clarity on what successful communication looks like - and it's foundational to our success.



We'll develop and present a creative brief based on what we previously discovered. The brief will outline the creative direction(s) for the photoshoot including the team required, an accurate timeline and cost, and details like reference images, location, mood, wardrobe, lighting, composition, lens choice, etc. Depending on the situation, we might present multiple options that we believe would satisfy your goals. After you confirm a direction, we will begin preparing for the shoot.



This is the fun part - watching our plan come to life while we execute the photoshoot. We'll arrive on set early enough to set up and prepare the shoot before you step in front of the camera, allowing us to be as efficient as possible with your time. Any prep that may need to happen, such as hair & makeup or wardrobe, will happen during this time. When you arrive on set, we will take a moment to review the brief materials together and then begin the photoshoot. Throughout the shoot, we will confidently direct and guide you to ensure you feel comfortable and natural while still being expressive in the right way. We shoot tethered to a laptop so that we can review the photos live as we shoot and everybody can be confident in the results.




Edit, Retouch

& Color

After the photoshoot, we'll send you a gallery where you can select the photos you would like to use. With the selected photos, we'll begin editing, optimizing size, resolution, and SEO for their intended usage, professionally retouching, and color grading to give you the best-looking image that aligns with your visual identity.


Implement &


Upon delivery of your photography, we'll include an implementation guide that includes an outline of everything that is being delivered, guidance on when to use each version, and general "do-not" guidelines. Once you've implemented your new photography and some time has passed, we will follow up to evaluate its success and your overall satisfaction.


Our priority is to be an investment, rather than an expense.

To ensure this, we don’t have any standard packages or prices. Instead, we’ve found it best to schedule a call so we can learn about what exactly is important to you and your desired future.


Afterwards, we’ll determine if our relationship is a good fit. Assuming it is, we will create and propose a few different custom solutions at different values and let you decide which is the best investment for you.


Although arbitrary, we understand that an estimate might be helpful: Projects typically start at $2k.